PASC Suggested Readings

To prepare for your PASC exam, you will want to review some resource materials and other references.

The publications on the Resource Reading List, or books of similar content, are all widely available and provide information on current, commonly accepted pediatric audiology or cochlear implant practices. These references have been identified as being the most comprehensive and most closely related to information covered on the examination.

It is not intended that each candidate read every publication on the resource list. The list is provided as a guide, and the books listed were frequently used by item writers and reviewers during item development for this examination. However, reading any or all of the publications on this list, cover to cover, does not guarantee you will do well on the exam.

While this reference list is provided by the ABA, you should remember that each exam item is drawn from facts that can be substantiated by professional texts, the exam is not intended to be an assessment of your knowledge of literature. Additionally, there is no single reference, or small group of references, that are associated with most of the questions on any given exam form.



The references listed below are intended as study aids only and may prove helpful in the review of the subject matter areas included on the PASC examination. The ABA does not intend the list to be exhaustive or to imply endorsement of these specific references, nor are the examination questions necessarily taken from these sources.