Lapsed Status

Because the audiology profession is dynamic and a rapidly changing field, individuals are awarded certification for a three (3) year period. In order to maintain current certification, certificants must apply for recertification at the end of each three (3) year period.

Approximately six (6) months prior to the expiration of your certification, ABA will send a notice of your need to recertify.

If your signed statement and payment are not received by the recertification deadline, your certification will enter "lapsed status." Your name will no longer appear in ABA "Find an Audiologist" searches, and your certification will be reported as inactive should any inquiries be made to the ABA office. A certificant is allowed to reinstate his/her certification within twelve (12) months of expiration, by signing the certification statement/invoice, paying the appropriate fees + a $50 reinstatement fee, and documentation of the sixty (60) hour continuing education requirement.

If a candidate does not recertify within twelve (12) months of the requirement to be recertified, his or her certification permanently expires and is removed from his or her records. In order to regain the right to use the credential, the candidate must re-apply for certification as a candidate for initial certification and receive a passing score on the current written exam.

Failure to receive a notice of the need to recertify or simple failure to submit a recertification application in no way changes the expiration of the credential.

Candidates with questions or concerns about their certification status should contact the ABA Office directly as soon as there is a concern or question.