Exam Results

The ABA reports its exam scores as a scaled score. The candidate’s “raw score,” or actual number of questions answered correctly is converted to the scaled score. This statistical procedure provides a common scale for reviewing and reporting results.

All candidates will receive a score report that shows them the overall scaled score required to successfully pass the exam. The score report will then also provide the candidate with a breakdown, by content area, of his/her exam performance.

Candidates receiving a passing score or greater will have successfully met the minimum for passing the exam. Those with a score below passing will not have met the minimum standard for passing the exam.

The ABA uses a “criterion-referenced” exam model. As such, they may be different from “norm-referenced” exams that are typical of other exams you may have taken.

“Norm-referenced” exams are those that are graded “on a curve.” This means the candidate's performance is evaluated in relationship to others taking the exam. This is not the case with the ABA specialty examinations. The ABA does not pre-determine the number of candidates they wish to have pass an exam.