Certificate Programs

Certificate Holder—Audiology Preceptor (CH-AP)

CH-AP is an online self-study program that teaches preceptors how to facilitate an AuD student's transition from novice clinician to competent independent professional.  The CH-AP program helps ensure that each student receives standardized training and approach measuring performance from a standardized point of view. 

Certificate Holder—Tinnitus Management (CH-TM)

CH-TM is a comprehensive tinnitus management education program providing essential information for assessing and managing patients with tinnitus or decreased sound tolerance.  CH-TM is an assessment-based certificate program offered in a combination video and interactive online self-study program.


Available Now!  Part 1: Foundations of Tinnitus Management

Module 1- Tinnitus Definitions & Theoretical Foundations, identifies the different types and characteristics of tinnitus, its prevalence in the US and globally, and different theories of its etiology.

Module 2 – Management of the Patient with Tinnitus, provides a snapshot of the experience of tinnitus, along with a broad synopsis of assessment approaches, intervention techniques, and practice management considerations.

Module 3 – Business Management Considerations, discusses the unique demands and business factors associated with integrating tinnitus and DST services into an audiology practice.

Available Spring 2018:  Part 2: Tinnitus Management Principles in Practice

Module 4- Audiological Evaluation of the Patient with Tinnitus, teaches how to assess the results of a comprehensive audiological evaluation as a basis for clinical decision-making for a patient with tinnitus.

Module 5 – Tinnitus Intervention Techniques reviews varied approaches that may be used as intervention for patients with tinnitus, including indications for use, benefits, and limitations of each technique.

Module 6 – Management Plan for the Patient with Tinnitus, teaches how to educate and collaborate with patients and other providers to develop a management plan for a patient with tinnitus

Module 7 – Management of the Patient with Decreased Sound Tolerance summarizes the characteristics and prevalence of DST along with assessment approaches, treatment techniques, and practice management considerations for these patients.