Proper Use of Designation


Audiologists who hold ABA Board Certification should refer to themselves as Board Certified in Audiology. The title must be used in full, without the use of any initials or acronyms, when used on documents such as stationery, business cards, a Web-site, social media, or other marketing materials.

The use of the term Board Certified in Audiology is intended solely to identify an individual's certification status, not the status of an entire practice.


The ABA logo is available to ABA certificants in both camera ready and electronic form. If you would like to obtain the ABA logo, please contact the ABA offices.

The design and phrase Board Certified in Audiology is a registered trademark and is licensed only to those individuals who hold the credential from the ABA in good standing. No person shall be permitted to use the title Board Certified in Audiology unless the American Board of Audiology has granted that recognition. Persons who fail to meet requirements for recertification must cease to use the title. The ABA strictly enforces the appropriate usage of its logo and registered trademarks.