Am I Eligible for Certification?

Eligibility checklist for Board Certification in Audiology:

  • You must have a current, valid license to practice audiology
  • You must have a doctoral degree in audiology granted from a regionally accredited institution
  • You must be able to provide documentation of a passing score on a national examination in audiology
  • You must have completed 2,000 documented hours of mentored professional practice within a three (3)-year period following completion of academic coursework

Eligibility checklist for Certification by Audiologists Outside the United States

  • You must possess a doctoral-level degree in audiology from a regionally accredited university program within the United States or an equivalent program outside the United States
  • You must show that you meet all licensure and registration requirements required in the jurisdiction in which you practice. The ABA must be able to independently verify these credentials.
  • You must have completed 2,000 hours of professional audiology practice within a three (3)-year period after completion of your academic coursework and 375 hours of direct patient care. Your mentor does not need to hold licensure if practicing in jurisdictions where licensure is not available.