About the American Board of Audiology® (ABA)

Founded in 1999, the American Board of Audiology® (ABA) creates, administers, and promotes rigorous credentialing programs that elevate professional practice and advance patient care. ABA credentials are earned by all leading audiologists, respected by other healthcare providers, and trusted by patients.

To help meet that goal, the ABA administers the Pediatric Audiology Specialty Certification (PASC®) and the Cochlear Implant Specialty Certification (CISC®), both of which are voluntary certification programs. These specialty certifications were created by and are administered by ABA certified audiologists. We offer testing in both specialty certifications once every year and encourage audiologists who hold high levels of expertise in these fields to distinguish themselves through specialty certification.

The ABA requires continual learning for recertification of its credentials. Continual learning is a key element of our certification because the field of Audiology and the healthcare industry changes and evolves so quickly. Through continual learning, audiologists understand and can implement the latest advances in the practice for the benefit of the patients who rely on them for care.